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Frequently Asked Questions
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Drum Lesson PicQ.  At what age can a music student begin taking lessons?
Generally speaking, drummers can start at age 6 and guitar, bass, and keyboard students at age 8. In most cases, vocal students can begin at age 7. There are exceptions to the rule depending on a child’s attention span and desire to learn.

Q. My son/daughter is 6 years old, can they begin taking guitar lessons?
Yes, we will start students at a younger age if we feel they are ready for music lessons. You can schedule an appointment and we will give you a free assessment of the potential student and our honest opinion of their readiness to start lessons.

How long are the lessons?
We offer one full hour and one half hour lessons. The half hour lessons are generally recommended for younger students that may tire or have difficulty staying focused during a full hour lesson. Students eight years old and older, we recommend the full hour lesson for fastest results.
Guitarist Live Pic Q.  Do you offer music lessons for adults?
Yes, we offer lessons to students of all ages and skill levels; and we do our best to accommodate an adult’s busy schedule and lifestyle.

Q.  Can my son/daughter take two music lessons at the same time; for example, piano and voice?
A. Yes, students can take two lessons within a week; for example, Monday guitar lesson and Thursday vocal lesson.  The normal one hour lesson can also be split into two separate half hour lessons (for example, half hour drums and half hour guitar), but we feel that a full one hour lesson is best for the fastest growth.
Waiting Area PicQ. Can I drop my son/daughter off and pick them up when the lesson is over?
A. Yes, parents of students can drop off and pick up their child, sit in the lesson with the teacher, or relax in our waiting area with access to refreshments and free WiFi.

Q.  Does my son/daughter need their own instrument to take lessons?
A. Yes, the student will need their own instruments in order to practice the lesson they have been taught.  Dino Capone’s School of Rock offers affordable, high quality starter instruments and accessories for students and non-students alike.

Q.  I have two children who would like to take music lessons.  Can they both have a lesson at the same time?
A.  Yes, Dino Capone’s School of Rock has a number of professional, qualified music teachers and several private lesson rooms so that one student can have a guitar lesson and another student can have a drum lesson within the same hour. We do not offer group lessons. It has been our experience that no two students learn at the same pace and trying to teach them together ends up with either a bored student or a frustrated one.
Playing Drums PicQ.  What teaching methods do you use for your lessons?
A.  Dino Capone’s School of Rock uses both traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching. The lessons are rock ‘n’ roll orientated and are as much about having fun as they are about learning music. We have found this method of teaching to be the most effective for keeping the students’ interest, retention, and comprehension of the lesson.

Q.  Will my son/daughter learn to read music?
A. Yes. Each lesson will be written out on a notebook.  We use tablature, chord charts, and musical notation. Students that wish to go deeper into the subject of reading music will be given more difficult reading material. Students that are not as concerned with the subject of reading music will be given less difficult musical notation, but will still learn to read music and will be given techniques that they can use to enjoy music for a lifetime.

Q. How many lessons do I have to sign up for?
A. There are no long term contracts. You may take as many or as few lessons as you choose. Most students are on a weekly schedule; we also have bi-weekly and monthly classes.

Q. What if I need to cancel a lesson?
A. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you may need to cancel a lesson. Please call or email at least 24 hours in advance to cancel a lesson and retain your lesson prepayment. Lessons canceled with less than four hours notice or “no show” lessons will forfeit your prepayment.

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