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Rockin' Band Program
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Rock Show Drummer PicRockin’Band Lessons bring a student's private lessons to life by allowing the student to play in their own rock band! There is no other program like it on the Grand Strand. When a student has reached the proper skill level in their private lessons, the teacher will make them eligible to participate in the Rockin’ Band Lessons program.

The program lasts for 12 weeks followed by several performances that are scheduled after the 12 week rehearsal period. Rockin’ Band Lessons last for 2 ½ hours each week and are scheduled on Saturday or Sunday. Here’s  how it works.

Rock Singer PicStudents are grouped with other students of similar age and skill levels to form a rock band. The rock band then rehearses with the Rockin’ Band Lesson teachers, learning to play and act as a cohesive group. The students are taught songs, tricks and stage moves for 12 weeks leading up to a live rock show. The students will perform on a stage with a professional P.A. system, lighting, fog machine (The Works!), at a local Myrtle Beach venue that will be announced. The band will also play for family and friends before the end of the program in preparation for the big show.

Both students and parents MUST be committed to the 12 weeks of rehearsals, the 12 weeks of home practice, and the following performances! The band members MUST be able to count on each other for the shows!

The Rockin Band Lesson Program teaches students teamwork, commitment, discipline, planning and follow through as well as giving each student self confidence and feelings of individual and team accomplishment like nothing else. Rockin Band Lessons Program is for ages 6-18 only.

Boot Camp Program
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The Boot Camp Program is similar to the Rockin’ Band Program and is open to our more advanced students. The program has 12 weeks of rehearsal leading up to a live rock show(s) in a local Grand Strand venue. Boot Camp participants can also be booked throughout the year as new events are scheduled.
Please call for program pricing and scheduling information.
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Dino Capone's School of Rock
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Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:00am to 9:00pm
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